Wellness Ministry

Parish Nurse, Joy

Wellness Ministry

ORL Wellness Ministry promotes an integration of mind-body-spirit that encourages wholeness and healthy practices in our community.  Facilitated by a registered nurse who serves as volunteer and has had specific faith community nursing educational preparation and practices with integrity and confidentiality.

Our faith community nurse serves as partner with pastor in wellness care of faith community, offering visitation to members as indicated and at pastor's request.

Parish Nurse role and activities include:

Health education, promoting wellness and advocating personal responsibility;

Providing health/wellness information regularly in church newsletter and maintaining a wellness bulletin board;

Meeting regularly with past to identify / address wellness needs of members;

Listening, encouraging and advocating;

Presenting health education programs that address end-of-life issues, caregiving support and grief and loss;

Participating in Healing Services with pastor;

Serving as liaison with community resources, with awareness of referral sources;

Coordinating prayer chain and greeting card ministry of encouragement;

Maintaining a wellness and health library and loan closet of assistive equipment for short term use.